Speedforce team who is the founder and ceo of SPEEDFORCE is an active Rotarian, soft-spoken yet straightforward gentleman, a well read person and a hardcore marketing man. A postgraduate in marketing, believes a lot in lateral thinking process and loves reading books of Edward De Bono, Stephen Covey, Al Ries n Jack Trout, Mark H Cormack to name a few. He has more than 15 years of entrepreneurial, Marketing and Corporate experience and exclusive experience in SPEEDFORCE for more than 4 years. He explores some of the hick ups you might face and answers himself:

We are the fastest emerging brand in multibrand 2 wheeler servicing and repairing under the brand SPEEDFORCE, have more than 10 franchisee across the Gujarat, have been featured prominently in since more than 14 years.

The trust ability of the brand can be checked through copy of myriads of orders from corporate, govt. institutions, Banks that we have been awarded from throughout the state and we are still working everywhere. The very fact that we are thinking big in reaching across the country is simply because we have become expert in doing what we wish to share with our franchisee.

Service based industry has problems in getting funding from the banks specially when asking about the franchisee of a startup company.

We agree. And hence suggest private or own funding is the alternate solutions to tackle this issue. If you have the vision, if you are passionate about doing something that you like, If you are honest and presentable in your approach, capital will never be scarce. Our experience says that.

We agree and are aware of the fact. Hence, we come into the picture as Franchisor. We have the expertise, the experience and resources to assist you right from the word go, in every step throughout the franchising period. Be it sourcing the equipments, be it training of your technical and marketing staff or be it educating you about all the pros and cons of the subject. Your role as a franchisee is simply put yourself into action in your area and just