Financial Data

To start a SPEEDFORCE franchise, an estimated below sum of INR 5/11 lac will be required. This taxes as Applicable.

However, this sum does not include pre-operating expenses such as rental/ staff costs/interiors etc. Detailed financial break-even information chart is available separately.

Terms Of Franchise

  • The initial agreement is for tenure of five (3) years.
  • Option to renew for another term of five (3) years, under mutual agreement.
  • The franchisee fees is INR 2,00,000/- for the term of initial agreement of five (3) years (+ taxes).
  • Royalty is charged 5% of Profit Om Service Sales to be paid upfront. (Detailed terms and conditions of SPEEDFORCE is available separately.)

Site Sepcifications

To conduct a SPEEDFORCE Franchise you will require

  • A minimum of 250 sqft to 1000 sqft built up area in the ground floor.
  • Good frontage.
  • Reasonable rental rates.
  • Lease arrangement for the tenure of the agreement
  • To be situated in a residential area/ business area but not on a busy traffic road.

Franchisee Profile

We are looking for committed partners who will help us carry forward our ambition of making SPEEDFORCE a household name. You must have

  • A college degree (optional)
  • A keen interest in service based industry.
  • Passion for selling concepts and basic knack for marketing.
  • Reasonable financial resources

If you possess the above you too can be part of this rewarding experience by becoming a SPEEDFORCE franchisee. We bet you’ll have as much fun earning, as growing social recognition.